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How does an art application differ from others?

The admissions of art programs focus relatively more on the portfolio and the artistic accomplishment than the English proficiency or GPA of the applicants.

Thus, when composing essays, applicants’ very unique inspirations or innovative goals in the art field need to be highlighted. For example, applicants for the Fashion Design program may attend fashion weeks and get close to the latest designs building up their ideas for delivery via essays.

Our students may run into the following questions

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I’ve no idea how to create my portfolio. It will be nice if I could be advised by professionals.

How do I prepare my portfolio to meet the unique requirement by each school while remaining a common outline?

Good programs in art schools close their applications quite early. How do I plan ahead to complete my application in time?

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Portfolio Tutoring

Senior professionals are here to assist you in making a timeline of portfolio creation. Through in-depth exchange of ideas with students, our tutors will help them confirm the topic, inspire them in designing and eventually guide them for a final presentation.

Interview Coaching from Professional Tutors

We offer mock interview with past interview questions for art admission to modify students’ answers and improve their expressions. Besides guiding them to meet the admission requirements, we will manage to bring out students’ uniqueness in art creation.

Direct Contact to Admission Offices

Every year our consultants will visit the professors and admission offices to discuss about more detailed requirements of portfolio. Based on the up-to-date information, we could best match your statement and portfolio to their preferences.

Star Designer to Offer You Exclusive Guidance

William Tang

Full Scholarship Awardee at Parsons School of Design

Mr. Tang owns abundant experience in teaching costume design and fine art. He is familiar with the top institutes’ preferences for applicants as well as the admission process, and excels in Sskilled in one-on-one / remote tutoring from various angles.

Mr. Tang’s students are now in:

  • Parsons School of Design
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • School of Visual Arts
  • Fashion Institute of Technology

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Our Services

Our step-by-step assistance is designed to help you lay a strong foundation for your successful admission

Know yourself

To organize and optimize your portfolios and essays, together we would dive into your personal stories and academic background as the inspiration source

One-on-one art tutoring

Our specialists are here to help you promote your artistic production to the qualified level

Customized school selection

Having evaluated your overall background, our professional consultants will pinpoint suitable schools according to our database of over 1,000 schools

Essay tutoring from native speakers

With the modification of highly-educated native tutors, personalized content, authentic expression, as well as logical thinking will be embodied in your essay

Personal Portfolio Creation

According to the characteristic of your works, we will select distinctive medium to beautify your presentatio

Application Guidance

Fill out online applications and track the status, register for standardized tests and submit the scores, send application materials

Mock interview

Art tutors personally instruct you in interview skills and inform you how to illustrate your work and detailed to your interviewer

Enrollment follow-ups

Provide professional advice on program selection in reference to comprehensive information for you to choose the most suitable one

Escorting around

Assist you in visa application, arrange for airport pick-up, and answer any questions to familiarize you with local life

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The application process turned out great. Thank you!

Many thanks to my tutors who helped me personalize my Essay and Personal Statement and even get scholarships.

I appreciate Cheersyou’s assistance that makes me an Ivy League student instead of a rejection letter collector.

Outstanding student

Kevin Shao

Vanderbilt University|GPA:3.9|GRE:330


Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science

UCLA Computer Science

Columbia University Computer Science

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Outstanding student

Kylie D

East China University of Political Science and Law|GPA:3.7


University of South California LLM Scholarship

Vanderbilt University LLM


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Outstanding student

Avery Yang



University of Pennsylvania TESOL

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Undergraduate programs of the art in America lead to BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) or BA (Bachelor of Arts) degrees. BFA programs focus on intensive courses in art and design, while BA programs pay more attention to humanities in the curriculum, including literature and history. Graduate programs of the art lead to MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree, which is the highest degree that one can earn in this area. This degree is suitable for those who seek an in-depth study on art in the duration of 2-3 years.
Although different institutes have different standard and evaluation terms, most of them value common key factors, such as the applicant’s portfolios, art-relevant background, strong recommendations by big names in art field, interviews and essays. Meanwhile, students should gather admission information about their dream school as early as possible to leave sufficient time for application.
There are over 300 art institutes available for application in America. Students may conduct detailed research on their target schools by looking through information like the core curriculum, class size, facilities, faculty, location, and history, and choose those interest you most and suit you best.
Portfolio reflects one’s potential in art field and demonstrates one’s artistic skills and original ideas the most. Therefore, your works in portfolio should tell your creativity, skills, insight, and other related originality. In other words, a portfolio should be a comprehensive demonstration of your art creation ability. And please be aware that different institutes may have diverse standards for evaluating portfolios.
The admission offices in the arts institutes will not only evaluate your expressive ability in art creation, but also emphasize on your artistic ideology and career planning in this field. Thus, you could prepare interviews following the items below: art education background; clear description of your works; enthusiasm and devotion to art; as well as your personal ideas, critics or analysis of art. Remember to present the sincerest, the most passionate and confident performance to the interviewer.
Compared with other programs, the cost of art programs is higher in general, and it keeps increasing on a yearly basis. Public institutes cost less than private one, and the difference in location may lead to very different living expenses. In average, the tuition of an art program in the US is $42,000 per year and the total expenses would be RMB 400 to 500 thousand/year.
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