Cheersyou International Consulting was founded in 2015 and is an educational technology consulting firm headquartered in Manhattan, New York. Cheersyou has branches in Irvine, California, and Tianjin, China, providing services to more than 4,000 families every year.

With the approval of the Tianjin Municipal Government and Educational Department, we are currently working to connect high-quality American educational resources to international students to help them realize their dreams in life. Cheersyou tells the truth, does practical things, and has strength. Use our experience to help you avoid detours.

Our positions are open to all Bachelor and Master's degree-holding graduates not solely those with teaching or education-related degrees so any candidates who meet this criterion are welcome to apply, provided they can supply authorization to work in certain regions.

We welcome you to contact us when you are ready to start your global adventure!

They are good at fertilizing the land of curiosity with tons of ideas through brainstorming.

They are open minded and have a crush on exploration, where they sharpen their creativeness.

They are more like doers than thinkers. Marketing? Check. Selling? Double check! They are prepared to deal with any challenges.

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They take solid steps in practice. They are diligent and are good at operations, covering finance, legal, and human resource affairs.

They work hard to make sure we afloat.

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Swift and precise, they are the experts. With specialization in customized application portfolio.

They win so many times, like a pro.

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They are the beacons.

They are mentors in life and elites in professional.

They are talented in using their knowledge and experience in this field to guide you through the dark sea of uncertainty.

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Having a good taste in arts, they line out thoughts with the Brush and brighten up ideas with the Magic Wand.

Their creativity comes from daily inspirations. They listen to clients’ feedback with full hearts and craft on user experiences as well as user interface with unique skills. A comment of “User-friendly” would be their biggest award. That is for sure.

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When fear falls, instead of straggle, they advance. They are the master of going-forward.

They are never afraid of challenging themselves and trying new things.

They have so much potential that they could be anything they want to be. Sky is not the limit.

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