清柚GRE课程CheersYou GRE Course

清柚GRE课程从基础知识点出发,稳步系统扫荡所有GRE基本考点,同时搭配官方真题训练。教材经过多年研发,并进行不断更新,紧跟历年G考重点。内容全部来源于官方真题,课程教师均为教龄5年以上的资深老师。Starting from fundamental knowledge structures and test preparation techniques, our GRE course covers major testing points with intensive exercise on testing methods. Adapting contents from official test prep guides, we have composed our own teaching materials after years’ research and revision, to better follow the testing key points and methodologies. Furthermore, our instructors all have over five years’ experience in practical GRE teaching, bringing systematic guidance and instruction to students.

名师陪伴Our Tutor

梁佳玲Ms. Jialing Liang

GRE项目总监Project Director

  • 范德堡大学教育学硕士Master of Education, Vanderbilt University
  • 环球时报英文版记者Former Journalist at Global Times
  • GE亚太传播部助理Former Communication and PR Assistant at GE Asian
  • 微臣教育及新东方GRE教师,5年教龄Former Senior GRE Instructor at Weichen Education and New Oriental Group for 5 years

任哲Ms. Zhe Ren

GRE填空导师Instructor for GRE Verbal, Text Completion

  • 前X东方明星教师Former “Star Instructor” at New Oriental Group
  • GRE Verbal 166GRE Verbal Scored 166
  • 荷兰+美国 4年教育经历Four Years’ Education in Netherlands and the US

陈诚Mr. Cheng Chen

GRE数学导师Instructor for GRE Quantitative

  • 哥伦比亚大学数据分析硕士Master of Science in Applied Analytics, Columbia University
  • CFA Level III CandidateCFA Level III candidate
  • GMAT:760 GRE:331GMAT scored 760, GRE scored 331
  • 拥有完善的数学题库,押题圣手Possess a Thorough Question Base for GRE Quantitative, Best-known for Precise Test Prediction

乔淼Mr. Miao Qiao

GRE阅读导师Instructor for GRE Verbal Reading Comprehension

  • 北京师范大学心理学院教育学硕士Master of Education, Beijing Normal University Faculty of Psychology
  • GRE、GMAT授课总经验超过12000小时Over 12,000 Hours of Teaching in GRE and GMAT Reading

熊采薇Ms. Caiwei Xiong

GRE作文导师Instructor for GRE Analytical Writing

  • 纽约大学教育学院文学硕士Master of Arts, New York University Steindart School
  • 托福作文29,GRE作文5.5TOEFL Writing Scored 29, GRE Analytical Writing Scored 5.5
  • 6年GRE作文教龄6 Years’ Experience in Teaching GRE Analytical Writing
  • 主流英文媒体专业写手Professional Copywriter for Major English Media Platforms

郜晟Mr. Sheng Gao

GRE项目特邀嘉宾Guest Lecturer for GRE

  • 《最强大脑》百人排位赛上排名第2Ranked the Second in the Qualifying Tournament for Chinese Talent Show The Brain
  • 剑桥数学系学霸,连续3年一等学位Graduated from The Faculty of Mathematics at University of Cambridge with First-Class Honour
  • 美国数学竞赛AMC中名列前1%Ranked the Top 1% in American Math Competitions (AMC)
  • 22岁录取宾大博士沃顿商学院统计博士Entered The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as a PhD Candidate in Statistics at the age of 22

课程特色Class Characteristics

全网首发独家模考系统,还原考场高频真题原题The very first GRE mock exam system launched online, integrating high-frequency authentic test questions with instructors’ detailed explanations

集结前微臣、X东方一线GRE名师,5年以上教学经验,革新定义北美GRE教学Top GRE Instructors with over 5 years’ experience from Weichan and New Oriental gathered, bringing one-of-its-kind innovatons to GRE Education in North America

助教每晚监督背诵单词,群内暴风催促监督打卡TA send timely reminders for vocabulary recitation in class group chat every night; provide the best supervision for daily checking-in

网课平台直播授课,向老师实时提问,与同学即刻互动Live teaching on website and mobile platforms; Q&A and classmate interaction in real-time

课程录播可无限回看两个月,反复观看不怕错过任何重难点Every session is recorded and authorized for two months’ access, allow repeated play for key knowledge points review

最新完备G考资料全部放送,专业背单词软件巩固强化Up-to-date complimentary GRE test-prep materials and professional vocab-memorizing app provided for knowledge solidating and strengthening

独家软件Exclusive App

清柚GRE模考系统GRE Mock Test System

北美学生都在用的专业GRE模考平台。真实考场还原,独家高频真题,专业分析报告,助你考前信心满分!The professional GRE Mock Test Platform for students in North America. Best reconstruction for testing environment, along with exclusive authentic questions and specialized analysis report, all the elements provide best assistance for your test preparation.

GRE必考词小程序GRE Test-Compulsory Vocab App

GRE必考词是一款专为GRE考生量身定制的背单词小程序。高效的背单词方式、密切贴合GRE考法的复习机制、明星导师的亲身授课,助你轻松掌握GRE单词。GRE Test-Compulsory Vocab is a WeChat Mini Program specially designed for GRE test takers. The efficient vocabulary recitation mode, review mechanism fitting GRE testing methodology, plus expert teaching from star teachers, these will all contribute to your mastery of GRE vocabulary.

课程体系Curriculum Structure

课程详情Class Details

2020 十一月班2020 Nov Class

2020年11月2020 Nov

单科急救班Test Prediction for Your Success


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2020 十月班2020 October Class

2020年10月2020 October

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2020 九月班2020 Sept Class

2020年9月2020 Sept

暑假提分 一站搞定All-Inclusive Classes



2020 八月班2020 Aug Class

2020年8月2020 Aug

暑假提分 一站搞定All-Inclusive Classes



2020 七月班2020 July Class

2020年7月2020 July

暑假提分 一站搞定All-Inclusive Classes



2020 六月班2020 June Class

2020年6月2020 June

暑假提分 一站搞定All-Inclusive Classes



出分情况截图Our Achievements

课程介绍Course Info

GRE系统扫盲课Introductory Courses

8小时基础先导课,教你全面认识GRE, 正确认识GRE单词及背诵方法。轻松读会长难句,手把手教会如何选择复习材料,如何科学安排备考时间,一站式全搞定。8 hours of introductory guiding course, introducing the overall GRE testing system and preparing you for the fundamental training in GRE vocabulary and long complex sentences. The introductory course also leads you in choosing most appropriate test prep materials and making best time arrangement.


带你走进GRE的逻辑世界,用最浅显易懂的方式迅速高清填空的做题方法。用小学生思维去理解填空题目,找清填空的解题方向,举一反三,学一类题,做无数题。Using clear and easy methods to unveil the logical world in GRE blank filling questions, applying most straightforward way to understand question stems and find correct problem-solving direction. Our goal is to help you draw inferences from a type of questions and succeed in all.


用已有长难句的基础,夯实文章的思路脉络。学会找阅读文章中的信息重复,用填空思维做阅读,适合中国学生的备考方式,放弃传统的读文章思路,从逻辑的角度出发,教你如何做推理。Employing your solid foundation in reading long complex sentences to best analyze the train of thoughts in reading articles. Our reading-specialized course teaches you how to extract repetition and overlap in information instead of mere extensive reading, to solve the problem from a logical perspective and with a reasoned mode of thinking.

数学Quantitative Reasoning

读理清数学的所有知识点,各个击破考试漏洞,搭配大量真题练习,以及最强大脑成员强势加盟,排除数学难点,易错点。Our specialized course in quantitative reasoning will assist you in sorting out all major error-prone knowledge points and conquering challenging problems. With the star instructor Gao Sheng joining us and sharing his methodology, you can better solve the puzzles with higher accuracy.

作文Analytical Writing

讲解历年高频作文题,由浅入深,扫清GRE写作逻辑,熟练运用素材,迅速找到写作思路。Analyzing authentic exam questions with high frequency in past five years to build strong logical structure in GRE analytical writing, our course aims at cultivating your writing thoughts and wielding appropriate materials.


可以的。我们的课程架构大多数是基础知识+一周的模考讲解,一站式的课程。我们会从最基础的考试介绍,到基本知识做题技巧,到强化提高,备考一步到位。非常适合刚开始备考,或者备考一段时间后没有方向的同学。 Yes. Our GRE Class is a four-week-long all-inclusive class, with first three weeks in foundational knowledge and the last week in mock test review and explanation. We will start with basic test system introduction, then to foundational knowledge structure, testing skills, and finally self-advancing test preparation. It definitely fits for GRE-starters with no prior experience, or students who lose their track after some time in self-learning.
是的。清柚GRE全部是网课平台直播上课的。但是当天直播结束后就会有录播,录播可以再回看两个月。所以如果错过一节课或者想多听几遍,也是可以无限再回看两个月的。每天课后会有老师在群里答疑,也有助教、课代表监督学习。 Yes. CheersYou GRE offers live stream teaching via online platform for all sessions. After each day’s live stream session, recorded sessions will be uploaded to the portal. Students will also have the access to class recordings for two months after class is finished. Therefore, if you miss one session or feel necessary to review other sessions, you can always review the recordings whenever the access is valid.
Instructors will have time to answer questions in WeChat groups, TAs and course representatives will also be able to monitor your daily study progress.
没赶上直播的同学,可以看当天的课程录播。直播结束后老师就会上传当天的录播,录播可以再回看两个月。因此就算错过一节课或者想再多听几遍,也是可以无限再回看两个月的。 The students who cannot make it for daily live stream teaching sessions can catch up by watching recorded class sessions, as they will often be uploaded to the portal right after each day’s live stream session. Students will also have the access to class recordings for two months after class is finished. Therefore, if you miss one session or feel necessary to review other sessions, you can always review the recordings whenever the access is valid.
结课后还可以看2个月,截止后录播会自动下架,所有兑换码自动到期失效,无法继续观看。请同学们把握好时间,好好学习哦~ The access to online class recordings will be valid for two months after the class ends. Once it reaches the two months’ limitation, the access will be removed, and all redeem codes will be expired for further watch or redemption. Please hold on to your best chance and keep on studying!
有的,每天在微信群内会有助教老师监督每位同学背单词打卡,没有按时打卡背单词的同学会受到老师的暴风催促。此外,每周日会有一次单词测验,帮助同学们及时巩固单词成果,并让老师收到反馈。 Yes. CheersYou has TAs in WeChat groups who offers daily reminders for each student’s vocabulary recitation progress. Those who haven’t given enough feedbacks or daily reports will also receive intensive personal reminders from our TAs. Besides, weekly vocabulary quizzes will be held on each Sunday, assisting students in better mastery of vocabulary with timely and accurate feedbacks for instructors.
清柚GRE开班至今已有三年,梁老师教授过2000+美本、国本学生。2019年清柚GRE 6、7、8、9四月暑假班中,上完一个月考到330+/328+325+320+的同学不在少数。其中,UCI的Jessica同学一战333+。 CheersYou GRE Program has been established for 3 years, and over 2000 students with their undergraduate studies in US and China have been attended our classes. Among our four summer classes in 2019 (June, July, August, and September class respectively), there are quite some students scored over 320, 325, 328, or even 330 after only one month’s class. Jessica from UCI even got over 333 for her first test.
报完名七天之内可以退款,课程一旦开始不可退款。如果时间不合适,可以defer到当年的暑假班。仅可defer 一次。
会的。开课前我们会将老师的备考资料/ 课件讲义 /PPT/ 单词书/ GRE 2019全年机经/ GRE课程先导课都提前发给同学们。
每拉一个小伙伴报名,可和小伙伴一起各减30美金。(例:小陈拉5个小伙伴报名,小陈减5*30=150美金,小伙伴们各自减30美金。)注:小陈仍然用coupon code减30,剩余的钱可以开课后退回原账户。
老师会给你发专门的GRE报名付款链接,目前支持支付宝、国内外Credit Card等多种付款方式。暂不支持微信转账、Quickpay、Paypal、Venmo汇款。
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