清柚GRE课程CheersYou GRE Course

清柚GRE课程从基础知识点出发,稳步系统扫荡所有GRE基本考点,同时搭配官方真题训练。教材经过多年研发,并进行不断更新,紧跟历年G考重点。内容全部来源于官方真题,课程教师均为教龄5年以上的资深老师。Starting from fundamental knowledge structures and test preparation techniques, our GRE course covers major testing points with intensive exercise on testing methods. Adapting contents from official test prep guides, we have composed our own teaching materials after years’ research and revision, to better follow the testing key points and methodologies. Furthermore, our instructors all have over five years’ experience in practical GRE teaching, bringing systematic guidance and instruction to students.

名师陪伴Our Tutor

梁佳玲Jialing Liang

GRE项目总监Project Manager


郜晟Sheng Gao

GRE项目特邀嘉宾Guest Teacher


我们的优势Our Advantages

传统GRE课程Traditional GRE courses

单方面授课,老师只注重知识点的输出,授课全过程无反馈Non-interactive teaching with no direct feedback, mere output of knowledge from instructors

清柚GRE课程CheersYou GRE course

利用直播平台,学生可以在课程过程中随时提问,授课老师随时反馈Live streaming on online educational platforms, Q&A sessions during courses for instant feedback

传统GRE课程Traditional GRE courses

课件单调乏味,课程互动感不强,照本宣科Monotonous visual aids and handouts, instructions simply follow lesson plans, no active participations

清柚GRE课程CheersYou GRE course

老师现场带着学生做笔记,学生有充分的参与感Introductory note-taking process, stimulating active participation from students

传统GRE课程Traditional GRE courses

课后无监督,无计划,学习效率低下No after class supervision or learning schedules assigned, low efficiency in self-learning

清柚GRE课程CheersYou GRE course

助教老师共同监督学生,搭配制定学习计划Teaching assistant on-call for supervision, help formulate day-to-day study plan

传统GRE课程Traditional GRE courses

课程体系千篇一律,模版化授课Template curriculum and course contents, routine schedules and instructions

清柚GRE课程CheersYou GRE course

课程根据学生情况进行调整,每次授课加入当月最新备考题目Flexible course schedule according to needs, integrate up-to-date exam questions into instructions

出分情况截图Our Achievements

课程介绍Course Info

GRE系统扫盲课Introductory Courses

8小时基础先导课,教你全面认识GRE, 正确认识GRE单词及背诵方法。轻松读会长难句,手把手教会如何选择复习材料,如何科学安排备考时间,一站式全搞定。8 hours of introductory guiding course, introducing the overall GRE testing system and preparing you for the fundamental training in GRE vocabulary and long complex sentences. The introductory course also leads you in choosing most appropriate test prep materials and making best time arrangement.


带你走进GRE的逻辑世界,用最浅显易懂的方式迅速高清填空的做题方法。用小学生思维去理解填空题目,找清填空的解题方向,举一反三,学一类题,做无数题。Using clear and easy methods to unveil the logical world in GRE blank filling questions, applying most straightforward way to understand question stems and find correct problem-solving direction. Our goal is to help you draw inferences from a type of questions and succeed in all.


用已有长难句的基础,夯实文章的思路脉络。学会找阅读文章中的信息重复,用填空思维做阅读,适合中国学生的备考方式,放弃传统的读文章思路,从逻辑的角度出发,教你如何做推理。Employing your solid foundation in reading long complex sentences to best analyze the train of thoughts in reading articles. Our reading-specialized course teaches you how to extract repetition and overlap in information instead of mere extensive reading, to solve the problem from a logical perspective and with a reasoned mode of thinking.

数学Quantitative Reasoning

读理清数学的所有知识点,各个击破考试漏洞,搭配大量真题练习,以及最强大脑成员强势加盟,排除数学难点,易错点。Our specialized course in quantitative reasoning will assist you in sorting out all major error-prone knowledge points and conquering challenging problems. With the star instructor Gao Sheng joining us and sharing his methodology, you can better solve the puzzles with higher accuracy.

作文Analytical Writing

讲解历年高频作文题,由浅入深,扫清GRE写作逻辑,熟练运用素材,迅速找到写作思路。Analyzing authentic exam questions with high frequency in past five years to build strong logical structure in GRE analytical writing, our course aims at cultivating your writing thoughts and wielding appropriate materials.


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2019 二月精英训练营


2019 寒假班

2019年1月7日-1月30日 录播课程+实时答疑+申请指导讲座

2018 九月班

9月10日-10月5日 美东:周一至周四20:00-21:30;周五20:00-22:00


GRE课程是直播+录播的形式,每次直播课程后提供当天课程的录播课程,学生可以随时登陆网站平台观看录播课程, 每次课程结束都会有单词背诵任务+课程作业,学生收集问题可以在课程过程中当场解决。GRE course series will combine the format of live broadcasting and recorded broadcasting. After each day’s class, the course recording will be uploaded to students’ online portal, enabling students to review the courses anytime and better grasp knowledge points. Vocabulary recitation task and homework will be assigned on a daily basis, and if any problem occurs, students are welcomed to ask teachers during Q&A sessions and after class.
准备申请北美英国研究生,对GRE考试一无所知的学生; 备考过一段时间,但是毫无头绪的学生;准备过GRE考试,但是分数不理想的同学;没有方法,想得到系统训练的学生。You have never heard or learned about GRE, but plan to apply for graduate schools in the US or UK; you have previously learned GRE for a short period of time, but is still clueless for test preparations; you had taken the test already but the results were unsatisfactory; you are in desperate need of systematic training and test-taking strategies for the coming test schedules. If you meet any of the aforementioned conditions, welcome to our GRE course!
不是!GRE考试,在报考第一次考试开始的连续12个月之内只能考5次(每两次考试间隔21天以上)。一般建议GRE的复习周期从1-5个月不等,考2-3次为宜。No! According to the official requirement, “you can take the computer-delivered GRE General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period (365 days)” starting from the first test schedules. The recommended test-preparation period is between one to five months, test-taking frequency be around twice or third.
小部分学校接受拼分,但是不是所有的学校。学生可以选择寄送多次GRE考试的成绩给申请的学校。但是建议在总分相差不大的情况下寄送。学校还是会考虑GRE考试的总分数。There are a few limited programs in top-ranking US graduate schools that accepts superscore (take the highest section scores across test dates), which is sending official scores for multiple times to the admissions office. However, it is up to the admission officer how they review the scores and which part is taken into consideration. Under most circumstances, we recommend you send multiple official score reports with similar overall scores.
不是!一些人文社科类的专业,比如文学,教育学,传媒,心理等学科会专门指出需要学生GRE作文分数的minimum scores。理工科同学的作文分数不要低于3分(作文满分6分)。No and yes! Certain programs of social sciences and humanities (including Literature, Education, Communication and Psychology) will have specific requirements and minimum scores for Analytical Writing sections. At least 3 out of 6 in Analytical Writing would be recommended for applicants in engineering and physical science programs.
部分美国研究生的申请明确提出GRE成绩是Optional, 申请可以选择不提交。但是,少去了GRE的成绩,更多的衡量标准就是放在申请者的GPA和文书材料的打磨上,申请难度也会提高。There are indeed programs that lists GRE score as “optional” in application materials, and you can choose not to submit GRE test scores. However, without GRE scores, the application review process weighs more on GPA, academic performance and essays, which in turn increases the difficulty for applicats.
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