清柚雅思课程IELTS Program

清柚雅思课程致力于全方位帮助学生备考雅思,无论你处于哪个备考阶段,我们都会进行针对性指导。四大名师集聚,直播上课+录播回看,更有助教老师全面督导,助你一战出分!CheersYou IELTS Program is committed to provide best test-preparation support to IELTS test-takers like you. Whichever stage you are at in IELTS test preparation, we will bring you highly targeted and specified guidance. With all preeminent faculty and experienced TAs gathered, our IELTS program offers live stream sessions as well as recorded sessions for reviews, contributing to your best testing performance once and for all!

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1.震撼师资1.Preeminent Faculties

Instructors all have years of hands-on experience in teaching abroad standard testing, and have known very well about students’ major pain points in test preparation as well as issues and problems.

2.五项覆盖2.Five Sections All Covered

Our comprehensive curriculum system has integrated five sections (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary) into one, leaving no needs for any other classes. With all key testing points and knowledge structures taught, you will see immediate learning outcome right after class is over.

3.单词大法3.Specific Vocab-reciting Method

Through our 40-minute-long daily “Vocab Talk Show” sessions, you can make a grasp on IELTS vocabulary with at most two-times’ repetition. Without any rote memorization or perfunctory copying, you can still achieve 90% of accuracy in vocab recitation.

4.碎片学习4.Learning through Fragmented Times

You can always adjust your learning progress with our flexible schedule of live stream teaching sessions and recorded session. Accredited by students’ testing performance, learning through fragmented times brings you fastest test preparation progress with definitely no pain.

5.全程督导5.Supervision of Full Participation

We have Teaching Assistants and Supervisors specifically assigned to you, along with instructors for Q&A, diverse reviewing activities, and strongest supervision of full participation on your side.

6.豪华资料6.Deluxe Test-prep Material Packages

Collecting authentic test-prep materials in the past years from all resources, with experts’ test prognosis and up-to-date test materials, our Deluxe Test-prep package with a total size of 40G will satisfy all your needs throughout the test-prep learning process.

7.直播录播同步7.Synchronous Sessions on Live and Recordings

We offer live stream teaching sessions as well as session recordings which synchronize with live stream schedules. You can repeatedly review all sessions with exclusive access even after class is over, utilizing your fragmented time in IELTS learning.

8.打卡机制8.Daily Clock-in Reporting System

We set clock-in reporting system for daily practice in all sections (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary), reaching a total of 66 clock-in reports throughout the class. Bonus will be presented to students with full-attendance records, including an extra test-prep package, and tailor-made videos from all instructors with knowledge summarizing and score-advancing tips.

9.剑雅14+15精选9.Cambridge IELTS 14 & 15 Intensive Review

We provide intensive synopsis review on newest Cambridge IELTS official test sets, focusing on frequently seen questions and key points, and endowing you with strongest test-prep support.

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1次基础能力诊断A Diagnostic Test on Fundamental Abilities

一套包含词汇、阅读、听力的综合测试题,诊断8项考试能力,精准定位基础能力短板,给出个性化提升方案。A set of diagnostic comprehensive test covering vocabulary, reading, and listening will be given to you for your 8 major abilities’ diagnosis, helping instructors better locate your biggest weakness and provide best-fitting personalized advancement plan.

3+12节全科方法课3+12 Methodological Courses on All Subjects

听、说、读、写全科教学,名师荟萃精准锁定雅思备考重难点,帮你搞定雅思全科提升方法;直播+录播的方式让你每日温故知新,讲练结合,学以致用。Covering all subjects of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, our instructors will help you locate all key points and difficulties during IELTS test-prep stages, and provide you with score-advancing methods in all subjects. Synchronous daily sessions on live and recordings also help you gain new insights through comprehensive reviews, and our specialized exercise will put your knowledge into practice.

2+19节词汇记忆课2+19 Memorizing Courses on Vocabulary

雅思核心词汇系列讲解,帮你全面夯实词汇基础;独特的词汇讲解方式堪比屠鸭届“德云社”,从此告别枯燥背单词。Our memorizing courses on core IELTS vocabulary will assist you in building solid foundations in vocabulary. Resorting to talk-show-style explanations and instructions, you can easily acquire extensive vocabulary in the most interesting way.

8份独家原创提分资料8 Unique Material Packages Only for CheersYou Students

12个听力语音现象剖析,60个BBC新闻精听素材与原创精练分析,最新口语机经解析,50个阅读长难句精讲,50篇特选泛读材料,最新写作机经解析,12篇原创范文,50个写作高分精选词汇。The best test-prep packages include 12 Listening intensive review sheets on phonetic phenomena, 60 intensive listening exercise and explanation from authentic BBC News, up-to-date authentic speaking questions and explanations, 50 long sentences intensive explanation in readings, 50 pieces of extensive reading articles, newest authentic writing topics and explanations, 12 original sample essays, 50 vocabulary selections for high-score writings.

66次作业打卡66 Clock-in Reports for Homework Exercise

听说读写全科+词汇题目每日练习打卡,助教老师全程保姆式陪伴。With daily clock-in reports for exercise covering all subjects (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary), our instructors and teaching assistants will spare no effort in offering learning companion.


清柚研发最新背单词大法,单词学过永不再忘,每天老师带你单词脱口秀,用轻松的办法告别单词背了就忘,告别各种记不清、记不牢、选不对!CheersYou specially developed vocabulary memorization technique and unique talk-show-style method will help you acquire vocabulary in an easy and relaxing way. Say goodbye to poor memories, limited understandings, and terrible choices!


听力四大板块大起底,整理最高频话题,解析S4学术独白,拯救地图题路痴,各类题型逐一攻克,让听力成为你的加分强项,屠鸭一举成功。Four major modules in Listening all covered in courses, including the intensive explanations for most frequent topics in all task types, especially S4 Academic Lectures and map dialogues. We aim at making listening part your strength and plus.


详细解读雅思阅读基本功,针对同转、长难句和整篇阅读能力等三大基本功进行全方位的培训。分类整理八大题型,以宏观程度为横轴,顺序程度为纵轴,对八大题型精准定位。通过四个象限的“通解”,帮助同学在提升速度的同时保证高正确率。We thoroughly interpret the fundamental skills in IELTS reading, then provide all-round training in skills of paraphrasing, long sentence and whole passage reading. We also categorize 8 task types, and position them according to the horizontal axe of macro level and vertical axe of appearing sequences. With “general solutions” to tasks in four quadrants, we help you with both accuracy and efficiency in solving reading issues.


总结雅思写作部分7分秘笈,带你搞定所有题型的逻辑思路构建,讲解常考作文题与高分素材,让你学会用简单的方法解决写作难题。We summarize high-score techniques and tips in writing, lead you through all logical mindset building for all task types. We will also explain frequently seen writing topics and high score samples, assisting you in solving difficult writing tasks with simple techniques.


学习Part1七大高频话题和ROS八维公式法的运用,全面了解Part2的考试形式和高分技能点,培养考官视角,修炼串题脑洞,学习如何多样化表达表现真情实感,戏精附体提分数;Part3高频热门话题精讲,教你取6争7。Learn from the 7 most frequently seen topics in Speaking Part 1 with the proper utilization of ROS Octuple Formula technique, fully master testing format in Part 2 and useful skill points to succeed. Understand the perspectives from the examiner, cultivate your best imagination among topics, and demonstrate your true feelings with diverse expressions. We also offer exercise and intensive explanations on topics with high frequencies in Part 3, serve you the best chance of a “7” in Speaking.

可以的。清柚雅思直播课通过使用直播互动平台,学生可以随时随地和老师进行沟通交流,与面授课一样方便。Yes. CheersYou IELTS courses are live streaming on professional live-broadcasting interactional platform, which enables students to interact and communicate with instructors just like on face-to-face sessions.
完全没有影响。清柚老师会根据每位学生不同水平及所处阶段定制不同的学习体验,让每位同学都能最大限度提分。No, not at all. CheersYou consultants and instructors will design personalized learning plan and experience based on individual student’s English proficiency level and test preparation progress, guaranteeing the best tailor-made chance of score advancement for everyone.
必须有。每天会有助教老师监督每位同学打卡上课+背单词,没有按时打卡的同学会受到老师的暴风催促。此外,每周日会有一次单词测验,帮助同学们及时巩固单词成果,并让老师收到反馈。Yes. CheersYou has TAs who offer daily reminders for each student’s vocabulary recitation progress. Those who haven’t given enough feedbacks or daily reports will also receive intensive personal reminders from our TAs. Besides, weekly vocabulary quizzes will be held on each Sunday, assisting students in better mastery of vocabulary with timely and accurate feedbacks for instructors.
没赶上直播的同学,可以看当天的课程录播。直播结束后老师就会上传当天的录播,录播可以再回看两个月。因此就算错过一节课或者想再多听几遍,也是可以无限再回看两个月的。The students who cannot make it for daily live stream teaching sessions can catch up by watching recorded class sessions, as they will often be uploaded to the portal right after each day’s live stream session. Students will also have the access to class recordings for two months after class is finished. Therefore, if you miss one session or feel necessary to review other sessions, you can always review the recordings whenever the access is valid.
结课后还可以看2个月,截止后录播会自动下架,所有兑换码自动到期失效,无法继续观看。请同学们把握好时间,好好学习哦~ The access to online class recordings will be valid for two months after the class ends. Once it reaches the two months’ limitation, the access will be removed, and all redeem codes will be expired for further watch or redemption. Please hold on to your best chance and keep on studying!
三位老师多年教学经验,教授过3000+备考学生。据不完全统计,只要完成学制和打卡,认真学习方法并日常巩固单词+刷题,平均各项提升1.45分。 With years of practical teaching experience, CheersYou IELTS instructors have taught over 3000 students. According to current statistics, with full attendance to courses, efficient learning, daily vocabulary recitation, and intensive authentic training, CheersYou students have achieved an average score advancement of 1.45 in each part of IELTS.