Doris Song



17岁那年,我带着飞期的梦想而留学,从中国到美国再到英国的17000公里,从本科到硕士。一路过来的我看到了欧美不同的高校,体悟到古老而创新的大学文化。国外大学很多,当初我也犹豫过,很幸运的是我选择了适合自己的大学与专业。在与身边不同同学朋友的交流中,体会留学申请对于个人成长和职业规划的深刻影响。我深知留学申请不易,今天,我用切身的感受和专业的视角帮你解决留学申请的诸多不解。清柚是你值得信赖的朋友,使你的未来元气满满! From the age of 17, from undergraduate to master, I flew more than 17,000 km to study abroad with my dream. Along my way, I experienced a lot about the ancient and innovative university culture. At the very beginning of studying abroad, I also hesitated. Fortunately, I chose the university and major suitable for me. Through the communication with different friends around me, I realized the profound impact of overseas study application on personal growth and career planning. I know that studying abroad is not easy. Today, I will help students with my personal feelings and professional perspective to solve perplexities in your application. Cheersyou will be students’ reliable friend, I believe that your future will be full of vitality!


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伦敦政治经济学院 The London School of Economics and Political Science