Terrence Agbi

硕士申请 | 文书编辑


接受所有事情的成功与失败,因为把握了这些你才能成为人生的领导者。”保持着信念和积极向上的心态是Terrence学习和工作的秘诀。研究生毕业于纽约大学科技管理专业,擅长marketing,finance, accounting,project management,global innovation等。文书个性多样,善于帮助学生将自身经历融入写作。 “Own the successes and failures of everything you deliver because supreme ownership is the foundation of successful leadership." My superpowers are product discovery, prototyping, design, marketing, and team management. I position products to succeed in the market and maximize its reach leveraging mixed marketing channels, particularly social media marketing and live events.


2016 ~ Present :

Product Management Consultant

2014 ~ 2015 :


Certified Scrum Master


2012 ~ 2015 :

New York University

Bachelor of Management, Technology and Innovation Management