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Established in 2015, Cheersyou is an education consulting company located at the City of New York in the United States. With our native Essay Tutors who are willing to offer professional essay editing and mock interview services, we are smoothing the path for Chinese students’ access to American campuses, helping them achieve their dreams of entering prestigious universities in the US.

We act professionally

We are at an advantage of the professional application guidance offered by former admission assistants from top universities in the US.
Our team have a deeper understanding of top universities’ admission process and preferences,
making our consulting service for school selection more professional, meticulous and personalized.

Tony Chen

Chief Consultant

Bold in breaking through and active in forging ahead, Cheersyou is helping many students achieve their dreams via linking up the high-quality American educational resources into China. We were international students and experienced every aspect of studying abroad, during which we once walked off course but learned a lot. Having worked in the admission offices at top universities, we deeply understood their preferences and process of admission, nevertheless, we saw countless cases of merit students buried due to the commonplace and templated essays made up by those old-fashioned oversea study consulting companies. One step forward, we felt obligated to change the status of oversea study consulting industry in China in the virtue of our expertise and resources.

If your goal is merely getting gilded in whatever school abroad, please go consulting the first a few companies listed in search engines, because they cost less and will remain silent unless you talk first. If you want to waste your money on packaging your kids with specious titles or pushing them to meaningless commercialized study tours, please go consulting those so-called “high-end oversea study” companies. However, if you really understood what the oversea experience means to you or your child, desiring for the most superior educational resources and more beneficial mentors and friends, what you do first is to contact us.

Of integrity, action and strength, we Cheersyou help you avoid detours with our abundant experience.

Our staff based in both US and China provide considerate service without time difference

Tony Chen

Chief Consultant

Former Admission Assistant
at NYU

Jason Wang

Application Manager

Former Admission Assistant
at SBU

Eric Tian

Chief Consultant

Former Admission Assistant
at NYU

Rachel L.

Essay Tutor

Editor Assistant at New York Times
Columbia M.A in Creative Writing

Sonia A.

Essay Tutor

Intern at US Department of State
Former Admission Assistant at NYU

Jialing Liang

Director of GRE Prep Courses

Vanderbilt M.S. in Education
Former Global Times Journalist

Anran Yang

Application Counselor

uPenn M.S. in Education
Translator of two English books

Xiaotong Zang

Application Counselor

uPenn M.S. in Social Policy
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Yiwen Tao

Application Counselor

Data Analyst at The Nature Conservancy
JHU M.S. in Information Systems

Join Us

We expect you, the one who is trying to change the status of oversea study consulting industry in China, to join us. Seeing increasingly more younger students who are about to hand in their applications, have you ever thought about lightening their road and emboldening them with your oversea experience?

Join us, have successful application experience converged in Cheersyou and make it a first-class oversea study information platform.

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