Who we are

Cheersyou is an education consulting company founded in New York City in 2015. We have been growing at a fast pace over the years and now we have branch offices in Irvine, United States; Montreal, Canada; and Tianjin, China. Every year, we provide consulting services to more than 3,000 families. We aim to build connections between students and top universities and channel premium education resources from the US across the pacific. Our products and services are driven by technology and dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals by providing language training, admission counseling, essay polishing, interview preparation, GRE and SAT test training. We developed our own online training platform, called Bikaoti, for all the students to learn, practice, and get prepared for their tests. Throughout the past seven years, we have helped more than 20,000 students develop their academic and career path plans, receive offers from their dream programs, and become excellent practitioners in various industries.

Our Mission

Provide professional, innovative, and personalized service to help students achieve their dreams

Our Vision

Embrace technology, enhance efficiency, and emerge as an industry benchmark

Our Value

We think empathetically, We put our customers in the first place, We work collaboratively, We communicate in a closed-loop, We focus on rules, We emphasize innovation

Tony Chen

Chief Consultant

Bold in breaking through and active in forging ahead, Cheersyou is helping many students achieve their dreams via linking up the high-quality American educational resources into China. We were international students and experienced every aspect of studying abroad, during which we once walked off course but learned a lot. Having worked in the admission offices at top universities, we deeply understood their preferences and process of admission, nevertheless, we saw countless cases of merit students buried due to the commonplace and templated essays made up by those old-fashioned oversea study consulting companies. One step forward, we felt obligated to change the status of oversea study consulting industry in China in the virtue of our expertise and resources.

If your goal is merely getting gilded in whatever school abroad, please go consulting the first a few companies listed in search engines, because they cost less and will remain silent unless you talk first. If you want to waste your money on packaging your kids with specious titles or pushing them to meaningless commercialized study tours, please go consulting those so-called “high-end oversea study” companies. However, if you really understood what the oversea experience means to you or your child, desiring for the most superior educational resources and more beneficial mentors and friends, what you do first is to contact us.

Of integrity, action and strength, we Cheersyou help you avoid detours with our abundant experience.

Time zone differences are no longer a concern. We provide precise service to students in different locations.

Tony Chen

Chief Consultant

Former Admission Assistant
at NYU

Jason Wang

Application Manager

Former Admission Assistant
at SBU

Eric Tian

Chief Consultant

Leader of New York University
Alumni Association

Rachel L.

Essay Tutor

Editor Assistant at New York Times
Columbia M.A in Creative Writing

Sonia A.

Essay Tutor

Intern at US Department of State
Former Admission Assistant at NYU

Jialing Liang

Director of GRE Prep Courses

Vanderbilt M.S. in Education
Former Global Times Journalist

Ruihui Zhang

Application Counselor

New York Top 10 High School
Bilingual Teacher

Xiaotong Zang

Application Counselor

uPenn M.S. in Social Policy
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Join Us

We expect you, the one who are trying to change the status of oversea study consulting industry in China, to join us. Seeing increasingly younger students who are about to hand in their applications, have you ever thought about lightening their road and emboldening them with your oversea experience?

Join us, have successful application experience converged in Cheersyou and make it a first-class oversea study information platform.

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New York

135 W 36th St, 19th Fl, New York, NY 10018
09:00-18:00 All year round


5201 Metropolitan Tower, No.183 Nanjing Road, Heping Distract
09:00-18:00 All year round


802, Sunshine Riverside Center,
No. 899 Ruining Road, Xuhui District
09:30-18:30 All year round

CheersYou Group Companies

Our main Group companies are as follows.

  1. 清柚教育信息咨询(天津)有限公司Location: Mainland China
  2. 好学柚信息咨询(上海)有限公司所在地区:中国大陆
  3. 清柚留学服务 (杭州) 有限公司所在地区:中国大陆
  4. CheersYou International Consulting IncLocation: United States

Note: There is no affiliation, authorization, or specific connection between the companies not mentioned above and CheersYou.