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I've just decided to apply for high schools in the U.S, but I have no idea how to start.

It is said that interview counts greatly in the process of high school application, but I have no idea how to prepare for that!

I don’t know what’s a suitable high school for my kid. There’re simply too many high schools to choose from.

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One-on-one guidance from professionals

To help students prepare for language exams and standardized tests, we personalize elaborate plans for each student to improve their English proficiency.

Innovative aspiration for essay tutoring

We conduct student-centered reformation of essay composition, creating personalized hashtag for each student.

School matching and analysis based on accurate data

Keeping updated with latest admission data of over 1,000 schools, we match the most suitable one with the student according to his/her background and preferences.

Interview advice from native mentors

In the process of mock interview, native mentors from the U.S. offer specific advice to improve students’ interview skills.

Interview arrangement from beginning to end

Accompanying students throughout the interview process, specialists in the US offer considerate service and track feedbacks.

Follow-ups on the subsequent study and life

Without any time difference, our headquarter based in NYC would follow up on students’ subsequent performances in schools and offer help to solve their daily problems.

Service Process

We pave your way to success


Communicate closely with students and parents to learn about personal needs and preferences, and to explore students’ personality and interests

Background Strengthening

Help students raise standardized tests scores, instruct them in extracurricular activities and arrange summer programs to strengthen their background

Personal Evaluation

Correspond our admission database of U.S. high schools with students’ comprehensive background information to conduct personalized application plans

Essay Tutoring

Native tutors from the U.S modify essays to highlight their individualities; implant American thinking pattern to distinguish students from other applicants

Application Guidance

Answer questions on the application process, offer suggestions on letters of recommendation request as well as submission and evaluation of transcripts and certificates

Interview Coaching

Provide preparation advice on the Vericant interview, one-on-one mock interview, and arrangements for onsite interview or campus visit

Follow-ups and Feedbacks

Keep in touch with the admission office to check upon the delivery of application materials, and share admission information with students and parents in time

Escorting Around

Offer U.S. visa counseling, airport pickup and housing arrangements, suggestions for living abroad and long-term follow-ups on students’ academic performances

Our Cases

My consultants are superhumans! They helped me finish and double-check everything!

My application team offered a detailed analysis on my advantages and disadvantages.

My consultants are not only responsible teachers but caring friends to me.

Outstanding student

Simon Jiang

Chinese high school


Westtown School
also received interview invitations from 8 other schools

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Outstanding student

Oscar Zhou

Beijing Royal School|SSAT:2200


The Hotchkiss School
"The Backyard of Yale University"

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Outstanding student

Mary Zhao

Chinese high school|SSAT:2240


Emma Willard School
a top all-girls high school

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It takes students four years to finish high school study in the U.S. from grade 9 to12 (equivalent to the last year in junior high school to the end of senior high school in China). Because education regulations and policies differ across states, there is no general standard to evaluate high schools in the U.S. However, you can refer to authorized ranking institutions, such as Niche and Business Insider.
Public schools charge less for tuitions, but most of them do not provide accommodations. Most public high schools only accept international students for the one-year exchange program. Public high schools are usually larger in scale and less difficult to apply for.
Private high schools have higher tuition fees, some of which are full-time boarding schools. Some leading private high schools have very limited admission quota and the competition is fierce. Public high schools usually cost approximately $35,000 a year; while private high schools cost around $50,000 a year (including tuition, room and board, and other expenses).
American high schools value interviews very much, and the student’s performance during the interview usually determines the admission results. At the same time, the school will also conduct holistic review on the students' extracurricular activities and special skills.
Most high schools in the U.S. take interview as one of their essential evaluations and interviews are usually carried out via Skype or a third-party institution. If available, you can also schedule an on-site interview as well as a campus visit, which will be a good opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the school itself, and leave a deep impression on admission officers.
In principle, it is appropriate for students to enroll between Grade 9-10 . In the 9th grade, students will adapt themselves to the new environment and improve their English. In the 10th grade, they will start to study AP courses and enrich their extracurricular activities. In the 11th grade, they will maintain good academic records and begin preparing for the TOEFL and SAT exams, and get ready for the college application. Most high schools in the U.S. do not accept application for the 12th grade.
The private high schools in the United States are around high-income neighborhoods, and the security is in good condition, so it is totally unnecessary for parents to worry about the safety of their children. Choosing a homestay family is not an easy task. The first thing to consider is the English-speaking environment. The United States is a diversified immigrant country with residents from all over the world. Therefore, it is better to choose English-speaking host families, which will help your children improve their English proficiency. Secondly, the background of the host family should be fully investigated to ensure it matches the students’ needs.
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