Interview Coaching

In fact, 60% applicants for business-related majors got rejected
Due to their unsatisfactory performance during interviews …

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What Makes Us Different

Native Interviewer

In addition to correcting the pronunciation of words, our interviewer with years of experience will also teach interview skills to make your expressions more authentic.

Interview Coaching Based on Past Years Exam Papers

An exclusive database of past years exams papers will be built according to the individual situation of the student, which will make the interview coaching closer to the real experience.

Online & Offline Tutoring

We offer both online and offline tutoring. You can choose accordingly.

Interviewer Team

Smoother logic, more authentic expressions

Kenny L.

Interview Coach

Technical Consultant, Accenture

Heren W.

Interview Coach

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Dino S.

Interview Coach

Analyst, LDJ Capital

Our Service

Standard Package

Interview Time: 30 minutes

  • 1-on-1 with a native interviewer
  • Interview Coaching based on past years exam papers
  • Written feedback
  • Evaluation and summary of the interview


Upgraded Package

Interview Time: 60 minutes

  • 1-on-1 with a native interviewer
  • Interview Coaching based on past years exam papers
  • Written feedback
  • Evaluation and summary of the interview


Super Package

Interview Time: 90 minutes

  • 1-on-1 with a native interviewer
  • Mock exam based on past years exam papers
  • Written feedback
  • Evaluation and summary of the interview


Service Process

Choose Package and Submit First Draft

Pay and complete your information. With more information, we can better match you with a suitable tutor.

Match with a Tutor

According to your major, we will match you with a tutor who will contact you within 1 workday.

Plan Questions

According to the student’s background, the tutor will plan questions for the interview.

Interview Coaching

The student will have a interview coaching with the native interviewer (Skype or offline), and feedback will be given based on the performance.


1. As CheersYou specifies, our consultants guarantee students’ application files being personalized instead of the mass-produced repeated materials made by traditional agencies.
2. There is no reciprocal relationship between CheersYou and any university because 96% of our students are admitted by top 30 universities where commission hardly exists; meanwhile, most traditional agencies gains from both universities and students, misleading students to those schools with commissions.
3. We distinguish ourselves from traditional agencies. with the professional application guidance offered by former admission assistants from the top universities in the US. Our team have a deeper understanding of top universities’ admission process and preference, making our consulting service for school selection more professional, meticulous and personalized.
Leave it to the professionals. We collaborate efficiently, standardize processes, and drive for results. Core members of our team have experience working for admissions offices at American universities. We are professionals on application services. Our essay tutors are well-educated native English speakers who are well above our requirements for academic qualifications. We are professionals on essay tutoring. Our academic mentors are all graduates from top American universities. We are professionals on academic guidance. Our career planning tutors have many years of work experience in the United States, some of whom were executives and HR at well-known enterprises. We are professionals on job hunting.
1.CheersYou is located in Manhattan N.Y. It’s convenient and easy to solve any problem by simply calling college offices without time difference between China and America. CheersYou staff keep active and constant communications with admission offices, making application process more efficient.
2.All essay tutors in CheersYou graduated from top 30 universities in the United States. We also have close connections with native tutors, which guarantee the American logic and professional expressions in essays.
3.CheersYou has a the-one-and-only professional Video Essay producing team. From face-to-face discussion of the outline to scripting, from painstaking rehearsal as an insurance for the final product to the first scene in action, we plan elaborately.
In CheersYou, we hope that the applicant will have a general orientation about themselves before application and do their best to participate in the following application process. To maximize the communicating efficiency and application result, we strongly advise the students to unfold their ideas about school, major or essay to Cheersyou consultants.
The procedure is as follows: consultation, signing the contract, service fee payment, collection of student’s information, scheduling standardized tests, confirming application strategy, making school list, essay writing tutoring and editing, online application submission, interview, acceptance by schools, visa, etc.; Four consultants/counselors will help students during the application: 1. Academic mentors – to advise on school selection and job career, so that students can identify their dream schools and career plans. 2. Application Counselor: responsible for the entire application process, including collecting student information, filling out the online application, tracking the status after submitting the application. 3. Essay Tutor: almost all essay tutors in CheersYou are native speakers. They perfectly cooperate with our elite consultants to guide students’ essay-writing process based on student information collected. work with the application consultants to write and polish the application essay. 4. Consultant: our consultants will follow through the whole service process, and give advice on visa interview and life in America etc.
Getting the offer letter after application is not a 100% guarantee. Different schools have different evaluation standards. Usually, a student’s GPA and standardized tests results are not the only elements that universities take into consideration; CheersYou promises to return the full amount of service fee to those who purchase the entire set of application services if they do not get admitted by any university. We help students apply for better schools based on their own background as best as we can. Meanwhile, we can ensure that the programs which admit our students are not below their individual level.
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